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Audit is an independent appraisal function established within an organization to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to the organization. Our audit stratagem stresses on an in-depth comprehension of the clients commercial ideology, human resources and operating systems. Additionally, our audit approach incorporates ideal practices that are customised in accordance with the capacity of an organisation.


Companies need specialist advice and services to manage their tax obligations. They are involved in complicated transactions and usually have unusual structures that are in place for historical reasons. In addition, there are special tax rules that relate specifically to corporations and corporate groups. The tax function’s new role is based on contributing value to the company’s overall strategy as an integral part of the business.


In India, companies are regulated by registrar of companies that require various compliances on part of companies. These compliance include annual return filing, maintenance of Statutory registers, other compliances, maintenance of minutes book etc. At MMA we take care of all the compliances that are required to met by company under companies law. We undertake compliance assignment on annual as well as case to case basis.


MMA can help with timely planning and ongoing compliance solutions to ensure that you are on right side of the law always. Our team can help you develop or refine your Indirect Tax strategy and address the Indirect Tax implications of most types of business transactions.


TDS (Tax deduction at source) and TCS (tax collection at source) are major methods by which the Government collects taxes. There have been various provisions made in order to cover an expansive range of economic activities for tax deductions or collections during income generation itself: these mechanisms also facilitate due compliances from stakeholders, with this being done through proper utilization by all parties involved.


This is an integral part of efficient internal control system mitigating monetary as well as non-monetary risks of non-compliance. Statutory Record Maintenance and Consultation is provided on labour legislations for start-ups, Closure of business, legal entity, factories, offices, Shops, mines etc.



Foreign investment in India is primarily governed by the FDI policy formulated by the secretariat for industrial assistance (SIA), the Department of Industrial policy and promotion (DIPP).


We play a key role in valuing sell-outs, buy-outs and existing businesses by employing appropriate valuation basis / methodologies on an assessment of legal, operational and financial aspects.


Our team of experienced legal and tax professionals with in-depth experience in analysing notices, drafting submissions, strategizing the way forward and representation before the relevant authorities/ appellate authorities.


International taxation is the study or determination of tax on a person or business subject to the tax laws of different countries or the international aspects of an individual country’s tax laws as the case may be.


Information System Audit is the evaluation, verification and rectification of the information system or mechanism, operations and practices of the business entity to ascertain and amend any mistake, information leak, duplication and blockages. Information system audit can be manual or computerized depending upon the need and requirement of the business entity.


Any Expatriate, NRI, and PIO doing any business transactions or employed in India need to understand and follow the Indian Laws and orders associated with the foreign exchange policies. The common issue faced by the NRIs or any Expatriate is the compliance with the International Taxation system in India. As per the Regulations of the ITA (Income Tax Act), the tax liable on an expatriate depends upon the residential status, not judged by the nationality of the expatriate.


Export incentives are certain benefits exporters receive from the government as acknowledgement for bringing in foreign exchange and as compensation for the costs they incur on sending goods and services out of the country. We at MMA help our clients to claim such export benefits.

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